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Our next Batch of courses commences in Term 2 on

Monday 29th April. Details to come shortly , please

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Australia's 1st Bollywood Dance School - come train with the best ...

MANGO BOLLYWOOD COURSES provide a solid foundation in Bollywood Dancing. Aimed at those who want a taste of Bollywood Dancing to those who want to pursue Bollywood Dancing more professionally in  Shows or Bollywood Movies filmed in Australia and NZ. Mango Dance Studio has supplied 300 extras for Bollywood Movie "Chak De", 25 dancers for Bollywood Movie "Hey Baby", Dancers for ch10 Recipes to Riches, Dancers for SONY INDIA and UNCLE BEN TVC's, Dancers for the launch of "2nd Best Marigold Hotel" DVD, Dancers for SBS Bollywood Star, and more..

Come check out our fun Bollywood classes which are a fusion of Modern Indian, Classical Indian, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin dance, Arabic dance and Bhangra. Bring your friends, wear a bhindi and bangles and come on down for some Bollywood fun.....All levels , shapes and sizes welcome - for men and wome



Bollywood Beginners

Each dance class involves: Warm ups and Isolations, Classical Indian Technique, Bhangra technique, Jazz/Funk/Hip hop technique & Choreographed Dance Routines just like you see in the Bollywood Movies. All levels , shapes and sizes welcome - for men and women.​Aimed at absolute Beginners, all ages, male and female. If you have never danced before or want to learn the basics of Bollywood Dance, then this is the class for you. Our Bollywood beginners course is for everyone who would like a taste of Bollywood Dancing with the opportunity to improve and progress. The course ends with a casual performance in front of friends and family at the dance studio.

Bollywood Elementary

Our Bollywood Elementary course is for those who have had a taste of Bollywood Dancing and would like to take it further. This course will assume basics taught in the Introduction to Bollywood Course and will not re-teach Bollywood Basics. After attending 3 beginner courses your Mango instructor will tell you if you are ready for this level. The course ends with a casual performance in front of friends and family at the dance studio.​


Pre-requisites: Students must have completed 3 Beginners Courses or 15+ drop-in classes in the same year.

Bollywood Intermediate Performance Level

This course covers Bollywood Styles combining more complex Jazz, Classical Indian, Latin, Arabic, Funk and Hip hop dance moves and technique. The course will assume technique taught in the Mango  Beginner Bollywood Courses. You will learn Performance technique, Stage technique and how to give it that wow factor when performing in front of an audience. Farah Shah has trained full-time professional dancers in a Certificate IV in Performing Arts (Dance) in Jazz and Hip hop as well as Bollywood. She has also trained members of her professional dance company Bollywood Spice.



Students must have completed 3-4 Beginner Level Courses or have a minimum of 2 years experience performing in shows in order to be eligible for this course. Students who have not completed 3-4 Mango Dance Beginners courses,  must be assessed by Farah Shah in order to be able to enrol for this course. Please email enquiries@mangodance.com.au to arrange your assessment.

Course Requirements:

Students will be required to purchase 2 costumes per year.



Students from this course will perform in events such as Mango shows, Holi Festival, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Bollywood Film Festival, Miss Bollywood Australia, India Australia Friendship Fair, Parramasala, Flash mobs for TV and charity and more...Students from this course may be invited to audition for BOLLYWOOD SPICE .

Bollywood Girly Style or Semi-Classical

This class focuses on a more feminine style of Bollywood Dance combining Modern Indian with Classical Indian hands, positions and movements. You will learn to dance to Bollywood songs such as "Aaja Naachle", Devdas "Dol Re", "Kajra re", "Jalebhi Bhai", "Nimbooda" and "Sheila ka Jiwani". The course ends with a casual performance in front of friends and family at the dance studio. ​


Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites. All levels are welcome.

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